Stretch film - BK Stretch

BENKAI Stretch film is a cast 3-5-7 layers pallet wrapping film made from a special material Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) resin. BENKAI Stretch is produced by a state if art Battenfeld Gloucester co-extrusion machine which is fully computerized  to ensure that the film is of a consistent high quality.

What dose BENKAI Stretch offer?

Customer Satisfaction

BENKAI Stretch film keeps consistency of high product quality due to special Mettalocene blend materials.

Cost Saving

BENKAI Stretch film is thin but strong. Thanks to its high elongation and tensile strength. BENKAI Stretch is more cost efficient when compared to other packaging materials.

Operation Efficiency

BENKAI Stretch film is clean and clear to use. It provides good cling, leaves no sticky residue. Goods are easily identified through the transparency of film and also permits accurate bar-code scanning. Rolls are free from telescoping.

Product Protection

BENKAI Stretch film protects your products from dust, dirt and water damage. Pallets also stay firmly during transportation without distortion.

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