Aluminum foil jumbo

BENKAI aluminum foil is metal thin film which has excellent integrative performance. In various aspects, such as packaging, electric apparatus product, commodity and building material, etc.

In various uses of aluminum foil, the use to most effectively utilize its characteristics is making wrapper. Take food as example, moisture proof, airtightness, fragrant-reserving performance, cutting of light performance and anti-corrosivity performance.

BENKAI household aluminium foil is used for barbecuing more delicate foods such as meat, mushrooms and vegetables; food is wrapped in foil then placed on the grill, preventing loss of moisture that may result in a less appealing texture.

BENKAI household aluminum foil pack retains the freshness of food items without refrigeration. Also it can hold the food items without losing the aromas and prevent contamination against light, air, moisture to serve the food, hot and cold.

BENKAI foil including Household foil, pharmacy foil, cold forming medicine package foil, food soft packing foil, container foil, beer mark foil, tobacco foil, golden card foil, capaci-ance foil electric cable foil, tube foil, tape foil, PS/CTP base board, bottle cap foil.

Aluminum foil jumbo roll


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