Stretch film - BK Prestretch

BK PreStretch is produced by pre-stretching the BENKAI Stretch to provide a film tension that should not be stretched before its application. Pre-stretching process would lengthen and thin out a film prior to application to the load. BK PreStretch production process also helps reducing the neck down of the film width, with increasing a film coverage.


Why BK – PreStretch ?

BK PreStretch is strong, consistent and stable at a minimum effort of worker. The cost consumables is drastically reduced while increasing film coverage.

Cost and Time Effective

ü   50% less film consumption.

ü   Longer length with the same reel weight due to its low thickness.

ü   Less time and effort to wrap a load.

ü   Less waste to clear and dispose.

ü   Presents minimum neck down while being applied.

User Friendly

ü   50% lighter weight. Woman is able to wrap load easily.

ü   Less back strain.

Environmental abs Economical

Less film, less waste.   

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