Cling film & foil dispenser

Easy Cut

Safety Design

Prevent cling film rewind

Materials with ABS plastic and hard to damage

No dust (even small cockroaches cannot hide inside of box)

Patent product

BENKAI Cling Film dispenser with super-sharp and unique electrostatic design to make the Cling Film obediently attached to the anti-static strip and non-rewind, you will not plagued by the Cling Film rewind.

Tired about cutting of the plastic wrap again and again? The traditional cling film blade deformation after use and very difficult to cut, this new design dispenser with super-sharp stainless steel, as long as you push and hear "click", you just need 1 second to cut off the cling film elegantly.


Afraid of the traditional film blade cut your hand? If hurt by using traditional blade is not worth the candle, the medical expenses may be more expensive than to buy a cling film.

The new type cling film has a hidden blade design and it will not hurt your hand, this intimate design solely for the beauty house wives.


Prevent fumes, dirt, cockroaches and pests.The traditional plastic wrap with a long blade and it will accumulate dust, even worse, there are cockroaches! This cutter is completely block all of the above problems, the sealed design group will never be out invasion of dirty and cockroaches, and keep your plastic wrap used for longer eternal as a new one.

The new magnetic design can be adsorbed on the refrigerator, the exclusive position in the plastic wrap, no longer wandering around.


Brand Name: BENKAI Cling Film & Foil dispenser

Color: Red, lime, Yellow,Pink  Material: ABS plastic steel

Dispenser Size: 32.5cm*4.7cm*5.8cm

Film Max size : Roll's Out diameter include film within 4.2cm

Heat: Below 80 degree

Place of Origin: Taiwan

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